Inactivity for a reason

hi my fellow gamer

as you guys have seen. i have been inactive here for a while. reason behind it was i joined a clan where they promised us/me rainbows and unicorns. which they did not deliver lost of hollow promises. was in that clan since may/june. anyhow i am going to get my new scissor arm stand for my microphone and a pop filter. i will start streaming at least 20 hours a week at the start of the preseason (7th of nov), in hope to get my old fan base up again. i hope you guys will help me to reach the population we had before i disappeared.

my stream is still and ill keep it updated with highlights etc. However. i´m still looking for a video editor to handle my youtube channel and edit my highlights. if interested apply through my Social site or send mail to

Teamspeak 3 server

as the topic implies, we got a new teamspeak server hosted on 1gigabyte connection. from our beloved sponsor. it will be updated to the members of the team. and hopefully it will be the Permanent server for the team. and the clan